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One Cloud - SOHO

One Cloud SOHO is an all in one cloud-based web hosting package allowing your business to pay as you grow.

We charge a base fee for general support and management of your account but do not limit how many emails or files you can have on your cloud hosting account. You pay for what you use, we charge 0.444 per gigabyte of stored files per month and an additional 0.0777 per gigabyte of data transferred.

The power of one cloud is we no longer charge fees for adding new email boxes, new users or add more domains, this allows you to grow as a business without all the roadblocks that other hosting providers continue to use.

If you have 1 or 100 employees you can sync your calendars and contacts without having to upgrade your account, we will just charge you based on what you use. So no need to upgrade your package or contact support, or any other things that our industry forces its clients to do.