Hosting as a Service


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Zenith Media Networks is a core business solution for your technological needs, with industry recognized OpenStack, Cloud Linux, and cPanel as the foundation of our cloud we have what you need to host a cutting-edge CMS, CRM, ERP, API or web application.

Our CORE service has all the features you need to be successful like Global DNS, E-Mail Hosting, Redundant Mail Exchanges, Anti-Spam and DDOS Protection at multiple levels.

Everything your business needs to be optimized, scalable and protected in this ever-changing landscape. Trust in our CORE services when considering your next web decision.


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Non Profit

Our nonprofit initiatives geared towards helping local causes in the internet space one website at a time.

We offer our cutting-edge cloud hosting at an economical price to all our local charities, non-profits, and fundraisers, this is how we give back.

We will work on your initiative as a service provider, consultant or mentor, we are always happy to help any way we can.

Our services can also be raffled or given away as part of an event, visit our nonprofit page for more information.


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Cloud-based collaboration software for your company, file sharing, version control, video chat and employee sync are some of the features this solution offers.

With virtually unlimited data storage, we grow with you and your business to the size you need to stay in sync with your local, regional or global offices.

Start sharing today, and keep your data in your hands with the control you need, give employees, clients and partners just the permissions they need on a project.


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Our fully modular WordPress software as a service (SaaS) solution explicitly created for self-sufficient business owners and their support staff.

With no code to manage, point and click, ease of adding new pages, menus or contact forms with the visual multimedia manager making it easy for users of all skill levels.

Templates regularly added to the selection giving your company page a fresh new look at the tip of your finger, with hundreds of plugins to choose from this service is built for all requirements.


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Forgetful Mail

Forgetfulmail is a service made for people who don't want to share their private email but still want to benefit from activities or promotions in their daily lives without the fear of their business account receiving unwanted emails.

Emails are only stored for 24 hours and are then automatically deleted by our system; we do not save or copy any of the content of the emails, we monitor and scan the content for spam and viruses.

This project additionally serves as a test of our anti-spam and anti-virus cluster (ZMFS), and this service handles an average of 500,000 emails per year since this service is free to all we can process large amounts of mail per minute.



Contact us, and we can assign you an account manager who will tailor a solution.