Apache 8

These are articles on Apache. Tweaks, Tips and Hacks


 Hosting Account Usage Statistics

Statistics in your control panel reflex bandwidth used and data stored. These statistics are updated between 12:00AM EST and 06:00AM EST

 Automated Backup System

We do our best to backup users data, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have a local copy of your site.Our current backup model performs 1...

 Pipe eMail to Application

Are you looking to pipe emails to your application? aka: helpdesk, ticketing system or any other CRM, ERP?Then we can help, using our advanced...

 Remote SpamAssassin Configuration

Configure Spam Assassin with a remote (dedicated) server.Assuming you have setup SpamAssassin on your dedicated remote box.You will then continue...

 Filezilla Secure FTP Access to PureFTP

This guide will help you connect to your secure FTP account on our system. We recommend FileZilla as a software to connect to our services and this...

 DNS Servers (IPv4 & IPv6)

The official dns servers for Zenith Media Canada and its resellers. .ME DOMAIN