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The official dns servers for Zenith Media Canada and its resellers.

All DNS Servers support IPv4 and IPv6
By default all domains are stored on * as per our auto provisioning.
If you wish to optimize your site by reducing DNS lookup, You can change the DNS information for one that matches your TLD (Top Level Domain).

We have made changes to our DNS infrastructure as of April 2016
These changes are due to the global presense we are now currently offering.

Here are the updated DNS records we offer.

Level 0


These are the current default DNS (NS) Servers for all accounts.

We also offer ANYCAST DNS Support for our premium systems. We currently (December 30th 2016) offer 3 levels of ANYCAST

Level 1



Level 2


Level 3



Level  1 is created in assoscition with CIRA the provider of the .CA domain names.
This is the largest cluster of NS servers we currently offer. With access points all around the world.

Level 2 is created in association with OVH the 2nd larger server provider in the world.
This cluster is hosted in Canada, Europe and Asia

Level 3 is created in association with Hurricane Electric and is a leader of in Fiber optic bandwidth in the U.S.A.
This cluster is hosted in the United States of America.

Our primary DNS system is a mix of IPv4 and IPv6; Anycast premimum service offers 100% IPv6 support.

Please contact your customer agent for more details.

* Updated December 30th, 2016
* Updated June 22nd, 2017

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