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Are you looking to pipe emails to your application? aka: helpdesk, ticketing system or any other CRM, ERP?
Then we can help, using our advanced configurations you can pipe emails directly to your applications, this can be done via your control panel (cPanel).

The steps required are easy;

1) Ensure the email address you would like to pipe doesnt exist on your account (cPanel)
2) Create a forwarding address (ex: ) then click on Advanced, and select PIPE
3) Enter the full path of your PIPE (ex: /home2/username/public_html/yourapplication/pipe.php)
4) Hit save

You can now send a test email from your account, or ideally from another account like Gmail to your newly created forwarding address (ex: )

Assuming no permisions or ownership issues are occuring with your application then you should receive the email.
As a fair warning, if you send out AUTO REPLIES based on pipes all in and out connections to our email system are scanned for virisus and spam. We drop them silently in the backgroud, so if you have issues please open a support ticket.


Due to security concerns and possible upstream bug with cPanel we require all PIPEs to be requested manually via support.
Please login and open a ticket with the list of emails you want forwarded to your pipe application with the full path of the file.

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