Filezilla Secure FTP Access to PureFTP

This guide will help you connect to your secure FTP account on our system.

We recommend FileZilla as a software to connect to our services and this guide follows its latest. (As of June 23rd 2017)

The first step is to verify that your settings are compatible.

Connection Optional

Set Timeout to 300

Filezilla general settings

FTP Optional

Enable Passive Mode
Allow Fallback to Active mode
Send keepalive

FTP Section in Filezilla

Active mode Optional

We allow fallback to Active mode due to our corporate clients firewall restrictions.
For active mode we require ports 35,000 to 50,000 on TCP
We also use the FileZilla URL to find out external IP incase of NAT issues.

Filezilla Active Mode

Passive Mode Optional

This forces the usage of the Public IP used by the server to counteract NAT issues.

Filezilla passive mode settings

Transfer Optional

We set this to a conservative 10, but you could increase this to 20 or even 30 depending on how many FTP tabs you are using to connect to multiple FTP servers at a time.

Filezilla Transfers tab

Site Manager Required

New Site
Host: will be the host provided in your welcome email
Port: 21
Protocol: FTP
Encryption: Require Explicit FTP over TLS
Logon Type: normal
Username: provided in welcome email
Password: auto generated in welcome email
Comments: empty

Filezilla site manager settings

Transfer Required

Transfer Mode: Passive
Simultaneous Connections: 6

Filezilla transfer settings passive

That should be all. We have had some clients behind corporate networks that require changes to their local firewall rules, please consult your administrator or have them open a support ticket.
Essentially they need to open incoming and outgoing TCP connections to 20/21 and 35000 to 50000 and force Active Mode

* Updated June 23rd 2017

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