Software as a Service

Hosted Managed Application for your Business

Nubes WordPress Cloud Platform - Pro Cloud

The benefits to you are no more dealing with updates or plugin security, we make sure it's updated and secure plus we add layers of security in the background.
1 GB of space (100 times more!) then our entry plan.
Custom Installed Plugins
Custom Installed Themes
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WHM/cPanel Backup Mail Exchange - MX

Simple redundancy for your existing cPanel email servers

Looking to supplement your email offering with backup MX?

cPanel backup MX service geared towards existing email server providers who are seeking to strengthen their incoming email offering and allowing global redundancy if your primary server gets overloaded or is down for maintenance than we can keep your email until you come back online.

Hosted rSpam - Filtering System

SaaS self-learning spam filtering system

Our spam filtering gateway scores your email and makes an educated opinion on what to do with it. We use internal algorithms in collaboration with critical third-party spam data from leading providers thoroughly analyzing your incoming and outgoing mail.

We don’t outright reject your email like most spam fighting implementations like SpamAssassin found on every cPanel server. We prefer to score them based on more than one point of data, giving us the flexibility required in today's evolving email eco-system.