Advantage of Being Partners Since 2009!

To ensure that you get only the best experience with Zenith Media Canada, our company has partnered with OpenSRS to help you maximize your online experience. Since 2009, we have been offering quality domain names and unrivaled site security experience to our clients.

OpenSRS has a global list more than 100 different TLDs from various parts of the world. More than 13,000 companies utilize the OpenSRS platform to provide a constantly growing list of top-level domain names. They also offer a wide variety of useful trust services and SSL Certificate brands.

Purchasing domain name through us via OpenSRS ensures that you’re getting more than simply a domain name. You’re buying a commitment to the most honest, fairest and consumer-friendly policies and principles in the industry.

Together with Zenith Media Canada’s commitment to bringing you unrivaled services, this partnership gives you the protection of being under their umbrella of experience and guarantees that you get the best solutions to your online needs.

“Over 281 gTLD new domains are going to be available. – OpenSRS.”

Domain Names Canadian, Commercial and Non-Profit extensions.

.CA makes domains immediately recognizable as Canadian to web users from various parts of the world. As an extension reserved exclusively for Canadians, it’s a great way for a Canadian company or individual to stand out among the crowd of .COMs that are frequently presumed to be American. With a .CA domain name, you can get the name you want, identify yourself as Canadian, keep your identity safe and reach Canadians where they shop.

.COM was among the first top-level domain names on the web used since 1985. Originally obtained from the word commercial, .COM has grown to become the biggest top-level domain with more than 88 million .COM domain names registered. This domain is registered in over 350 languages worldwide and is internationally recognized.

Derived from the word organization, .ORG is among the original top-level domain names established in 1985. This domain is popular among noncommercial and commercial organizations, including open source software projects, cultural institutions, sports teams and community groups. There’s no restriction on who can register .ORG domains. It is recognized around the world as the domain extension of choice for foundations, nonprofits, cultural and philanthropic institutions, civic, arts and religious organizations and legal and health services.

We also offer a plethora of new extensions like .PUB used by local taverns, .CLUB for a fun night out at your local dance club and .PIZZA helping to find local Pizzerias for some late night snacks. The list has grown to over 300 and opens a world of possibilities.

“ 34 types of SSL certificates to please your needs – OpenSRS.”

Security Secure Socket Layer and Scanning.

With several premium providers as Trustwave, Thawte, Geotrust and Comodo to name a few. Lots of SSL certificate choices, we can provide your business with the right SSL certificate, regardless of your circumstances or needs.

SiteLock Daily Vulnerability Scanning identifies vulnerabilities and protects visitors and sites against various threats. Its Trust Seal provides customers with confidence and is proven to boost conversion rates and sales.

Zenith Media Canada aims to give only the best online solutions to their clients and their partnership with OpenSRS is one of their ways to reach out to customers and make sure that they get the most out of their online experience. OpenSRS is an accredited ICANN registrar.