Legal Documents

You will find all the legal documents and agreements, you and your business are obligated to adhere to use our services and solutions.
We provide solutions in partnership with multiple global providers and by using our solutions you agree to our terms and theirs. You will find a clear list of all agreements.
By using our service and solutions you implicitly agree to the following terms and conditions. If any terms overlap they will be combined to the maximum extent of the law in Quebec, Canada.

Zenith Media Canada

We generate an invoice 7 days before due date.
We will send you a reminder 1 day before the due date. (This could be removed in thy future to reduce emails)
On the due date we will charge your credit card. and you will receive a payment succeeded email or;
We will send you a past due reminder 7 days after due date.
We will send you a 2nd past due reminder 14 days after due date.
We will send you a 3rd over due reminder 22 days after your due date.
On day 30 of an overdue payment you will receive your suspension email.
In total 6 emails will be sent automatically from our system. If you do no make efforts to pay; the following fees will be incurred;

15.249% interest on past due payments after 7 days.
Pro-rated service and payments are expected on the 1st of each month.
Suspension 30 days after the due payment date (1st of each month)
100.00$ CAD fee after 90 days of non payment + any other 3rd party fees for legal or collections purposes.
Termination of service afterwards.

CC Expiry Notices Date on the 1st of each month for the following month; you have 30 days to update your credit card details when you receive such a notice. Falling to do so could incur fees based on late/non payments.
We will not remove expired credit card information.

Exchange rates are updated daily using source information from: European Central Bank
All rates are based on CANADIAN DOLLARS. Pricing for other currently is based on CAD and prices are updated daily to reflect the fluctuation of market value.

Support tickets opened in our Portal system are automatically closed after 168 hours (7 days) if no update is sent or received. If you have a paid support contact or pay as you go per ticket; it is your responsibility to update tickets before they close. Failing to do so may incur additional fees based on your support contact.

Cancellation Requests are handled manually; we require a ticket to be opened to cancel any account.
The proper procedure is; open a ticket in our portal system, wait 24 hours for a response (not including holidays/weekends) if no one has replied to your ticket; ask for an update; if no update is provided. please call our sales department or contact your sales representative directly.

You cannot cancel most services; if other wise stated all services are part of a 1 year contract; based on the date of signup / activation of service; we set a one year contract based on domain name. Domain & Service go hand in hand unless a domain name was purchased separately from your initial service; it does not extend your contract if purchased separately it will retain its own yearly contract.

All domain names registered by us for a client belong to ZENITH MEDIA CANADA and that information will be reflected in your domain names whois system. The domain will remain the property of ZENITH MEDIA CANADA until the end of your term. If you wish to break the domain name terms of service before the end of your service contract a fee of 250.00$ CAD will be billed and paid before we release any domain name to you.

Domain reminders:
We will send a reminder;
90 days before / 60 days before / 30 days before / 15 days before your domain is set to expire.
Our partner company OPENSRS will contact you before and or after on our behalf to remind you of expiring domains.

example: If you order a service from us on Jan 20th you will be charged for the service used for the remaining months.
On Feb 1st you will be charged for the coming month in full. If you do not pay within 7 days you’ll be charged 15.249% percent interest as a late fee for non payment. We will automatically charge your credit card. If we are unable to charge your card on your due date; We will attempt every day to charge your card on file (if you incur fees for this; we are not held responsible, YOU are responsible to pay for your service onetime). If after 30 days we are unable to successfully charge your card. We will suspend your account. If and when a charge is completed successfully the account will automatically un-suspend. If your account is delinquent after 90 days we will terminate your account (including files/emails and anything stored on our servers; including backups. Unless requested (additional fees ~10$pGb of Storage Per Day until canceled)), billing and tickets and customer billing account will never be deleted, and if any fees are pending we will charge another 100.00$ fee to put this account in collections. When an account falls into collections we will contact a 3rd party and send your file to them and they will be responsible for collecting the payment. If you pay you’re bill directly to us; we COULD consider waiving additional fees (at the discretion of our management staff)

Free Trial - 100% discount of the 1st month. ( compare with Prorata on when they sign up)
— Monthly service charged // agreeing to a 1 year commitment (as per domain) / Charged on 1st of the month
— New signups only

Promotions: Can only be used 1 time per account per promotion; restrictions are based on the type of promotion.
Overage Billing Charges: will be calculated at the end of the month and visible and payable on your next monthly invoice.
Domain transfer from 3rd party registrars are charged 75.00$ to import them into our system. Your ONECLICK account can have multiple add on domains, and if they are registered with us will have the fee waved.
All emails are tracked for delivery performance and internal tracking, we track using; we track clicks, opened emails and other relevant metrics.
All emails that are sent and received follow the above tracking, we share this information with our email provider MailChimp / Mandrill; We relay all our emails to prevent possible spam and forgeries. If you send out emails and noticed the domain being added; this is normal. If you’d like to guarantee authenticity of your email please contact support so we can verify your domain on our partners. We will from time to time automatically perform email authentication on behalf of our clients towards our providers. We reserve the following account names (the part before the @ in an email) postmaster / hostmaster / owner / webmaster / abuse / www / usenet / ftp / uucp / security / noc associated with the domain name associated with your service.

This document was last updated on November 15th, 2016

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