Business Cloud Web Hosting Reliable, Local

We maintain cloud hosted web servers running on cutting edge hardware in a fully redundant cluster, allowing your business to grow transparently.

Our servers are triple replicated, ensuring your data is secure.

Our cloud hosting is based in Canada with servers around the world that will give you all the space you need.

We serve your web site as fast as possible increasing performance for your clients by optimizing web code on the fly.

System Security Multiple layers of protection

Zenith Media Canada is proud of its efforts to provide security for your web site.

We have an in-house clustered firewall monitoring 24 hours a day, relaying attack threats. Protecting your web site every step of the way.

DDOS protection from 3 data centers around our worldwide network, from Montreal, France to Germany. Mitigation up to 450 Gbps of network attacks.

Our Partnership with CloudFlare offers an even wider protection for your web site by blocking known hackers and spam bots, with 100 global points of protection!

Network We are connected world wide

Our cloud hosting is guaranteed with multiple redundant fiber optics, connected to the Quebec Internet Exchange allowing us to be near your customers, we are connected via multiple points all across North America.

Our primary cloud hosting is in Montreal. With optional locations in Europe and the United States based on your business needs.

We monitor our cloud servers 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you can view our stats.

Ensuring mail delivery is one of our top priorities; we give you access to one of the largest outbound mail networks in the world!

Applications We support your software

Out of the box we support Wordpress, WHMCS, Kazoo, ownCloud and many more!

Your account has access to easy installers allowing you to build a website in minutes, with automatic backups and updates.

Our system offers added security for your applications with strict rules to help secure your website.

You will also get a SSL certificate for free to protect your business hosting and help you rank higher in search engines (SEO)

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