Design We have a small staff of talented designers

Our staff of talented designer will do everything to create a visually appealing Design. We will update you on every milestone of the process to guarantee your views and expectations are met.

The presentation of your brand is what captures the visitor’s attention and is what decides whether or not they will spend time on your website. We have the ability, experience, and knowledge to provide you with impressive, attractive and distinctive designs that will keep visitors interested and will incorporate the identity of your company.

We understand the importance of keeping your website different from others in terms of design and content quality in order to compete in the online industry.

“Creating a visually striking image for your business.”

Quality Content Vector based design

The content we create is based on vectors, high quality images that can be resized for any format, when we design your logo or menu you will need to have it in different sizes and file formats so they can be used in social, print or mixed media.

This is the best method to ensure your design meets the highest quality standards.

“Like all the above we keep in tune with your needs, ideally we would design all aspects of your brand.”

Source Files What you need when you need it

We provide all source files on request, all of our logo’s business cards and flyers are vectorial based.

This is a great advantage for the future. Having your logo in vectorial will allow you to size it to any format be it print or web.

You could theoretically scale your logo to fit the side of a building for advertising, or minimize it to a penny for custom stickers, with out losing any quality.

Extras Multiple design choices

We also offer design on many other formats including: Flyers, Posters, CD Covers, Door Hangers, Pamphlets, Banners, Retractable Stand, Coroplast, Large Format, Folders, Envelopes, Letterheads, Brochures, Car Decals and Stickers!

The power of Zenith Media Canada is that we are able to offer all these design aspects and even print them!

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